PSBIO Shampoo, Care Pack, and Hair Tonic are the best scalp care total solution products
of BioTech, made from PSB (Rhodobacter) microorganisms and natural ingredients.

  • PSBIO Body cleanser
  • 500ml
  • Moisturizing, solving skin trouble, exfoliation & nutrition supply

It acts as antioxidant action,
cellular energy plant, skin regeneration, and anti-aging.

PSB Rhodobacter microbial component and efficacy

Rhodobacter sprays far-infrared rays and generates 2,000 vibrations per minute, thereby decomposing waste matter in the skin and blood vessels to help circulate blood. It also has a lower (48HZ) wavelength than regular purified water (100-150HZ) and body fluids (60-65HZ). So, it can bring natural amino acids, vitamins and minerals deep into your skin or scalp to help you resolve skin problems and help your hair grow.

Characteristics of photosynthetic microorganisms in hair growth

Photosynthetic microorganismsenhance hair follicles as they enhance the rooting of plant roots. It also has antimicrobial action on the fungal Pityrosporum Ovalle which causes seborrheic dermatitis and regulates sebaceous glands (In hospitals, fungus medicine is usually prescribed for seborrheic dermatitis). It also supplies enough amino acids and vitamin minerals to the hair follicle, thus activating hair follicle-forming cells, thereby promoting the hair growth cycle. So this makes the hair thick and shiny.

Maintenance of healthy scalp and hair this microorganism protects the scalp from stress, fatigue, childbirth, malnutrition, blood circulation disorders, skin diseases, and demodex folliculorum. It also alleviates dead skin cells (dandruff) of the scalp so that it can maintain a healthy scalp and hair. It is observed that within a few minutes they are suppressed when photosynthetic microorganisms are sprayed on a large number of flies and mosquito larvae, fungi and mites.