Skincare cream for moisturizing and purifying skin with
patented Rhodobacter's far-infrared radiation and low frequency

  • LUUB Q10 Skincare Cream
  • 100ml
  • This mild skin cream is formulated to maximize the moisturizing capability and other skincare properties of PSB microorganisms. It will make the skin smooth, elastic, and lively.

Coenzyme Q10

It functions as an antioxidant, which helps to rejuvenate skin and prevent aging

  • Containing Q10 (Ubiquinone), which offers a perfect whitening solution!
  • One of the three microorganisms essential to human life - Photosynthetic bacteria
  • Radiating far-infrared rays with a short wavelength
  • without the use of artificial chemicals

Human body effect of PSB Rhodobacter Far-infrared radiation and low wavelength


Recovery of skin's natural immune system (natural cleansing of skin)


Supply nutrition to Skin of various amino acids, vitamins and mineral substances


Promotion of cleansing dead skin cell & waste, and metabolism function


Increase of good microorganism with natural antibacterial action and inhibition of harmful microorganisms


Skin absorption of bioactive substance Q10 enzyme


Breakaway from chemical composition

Find your skin’s vitality, moisturization and elasticity at the same time.

Your skin can be healthy with PSB Rhodobacter and natural ingredients by solving the fundamental problems of troubled skin, cleansing and forming the skin barrier.

It cares your skin moist by solving skin stimulation, moisturization and skin waste elimination with patented Rhodobacter's far-infrared radiation and low frequency.

LUUB Q10 Plus Skin Care Cream makes your skin vital and glow by forming skin barrier and improves the troubled skin by supplying nutrition & moist and cleansing skin.

All in-one Skin Care Solution

  • Someone who wants vibrant and healthy skin
  • Someone who has dry and withered skin
  • Someone who needs skin soothing due to UV exposure and itchiness
  • Someone who needs hand and foot cream
  • Someone who has troubled skin
  • Someone who has rough skin with dead skin cell