-Blocking UV radiation.
-Helpful in taking care of the damage, splitting, snapping, and dryness of hair tips.
-Providing elasticity and luster to hair and maintaining the skiní»s moisture and oil-water balance.

  • LUUB Rose & Herb Oil
  • 100ml
  • It protects hair and scalp from UV (UV perfect interception/Care).

Experience the specialty of
LUUB Rose and Herb Oil!

It controls water/oil balance and fills out the nutrition by preventing the aging of scalp and hair with amino acid and vitamin of patented PSB Rhodobacter microorganism, main ingredient of Coenzyme and also rose oil and herb ingredients that are nature-derived ingredients.

It makes your hair much softer by combining with keratin of damaged hair and rose oil and herbal oil.
It helps hair damage, crack, snap and dryness by permeating the nutrition from the top of the hair to inside the scalp.

  • - Containing Rose Oil
  • - ContainingNatural herb oil

LUUB Rose & Herb Oil Therapy

  • Provides elasticity and shine on curled and tangled hairHelps to damaged and dried hair
  • Increased resilience to hair that breaks easily due to lack of moistureControlling water/oil balance
  • Restores and regenerates damaged hair by dyeing, firming and UV rays, etcBlocking UV radiation