LUUB Q10 Plus Hair tonic is a premium anti-hair loss hairtonic that is certified by FDA to prevent hair loss
and thicken hair by including PSB Rhodobacter and natural ingredients.

  • LUUB Q10 Plus Hair Tonic
  • [Functional cosmetics]
  • Emission of far-infrared and lower-wavelength radiation removes waste from the scalp¡¯s capillaries and blood, promotes metabolism, and performs antibacterial action, easing troubles in the scalp and skin helping with the growth of hair.

Coenzyme Q10

It functions as an antioxidant, which helps to rejuvenate skin and prevent aging

  • Containing Q10 (Ubiquinone), which offers a perfect whitening solution!
  • One of the three microorganisms essential to human life - Photosynthetic bacteria
  • Radiating far-infrared rays with a short wavelength
  • without the use of artificial chemicals

Differentiation of PSB Rhodobacter
from existing hairtonics!

Hairtonics are absorbed marginally to the scalp and dermis due to their high wavelength no matter what good ingredients they contain. (Normal Hairtonic 100-150Hz)

LUUB Hair Tonic maintains a lower wavelength (48 Hz) than body fluids (60-65 Hz), so it can be absorbed deep into the skin.

Also, it cleanses and decomposes wastes in the skin and blood vessels by emitting far-infrared rays and generates 2000 vibrations per minute, and helps to prevent hair loss, scalp trouble and growth by penetrating deep into the skin and scalp of natural amino acids, vitamins and minerals to provide adequate nutrition and blood circulation to scalp and skin.

Hair Tonic Care Solution

  • Those who have troubles of hair loss or weakened hair
  • Removal of inflammation caused by scalp trouble
  • Improving oily/dry scalp
  • Restoration of damaged hair